15 Month Visit

November 02,2022

At Peninsula Pediatrics, we don’t just help your children when they’re sick; we help them, and your whole family, stay well all the time.

Welcome to toddlerhood! Your little one is likely a bundle of energy with tons of curiosity but sense of their own limitations! This makes for a fun and challenging time period. Your little one requires near constant attention to make sure they are safe. They will start to say a few words and for the foreseeable future, their understanding will far exceed their spoken language. Your little one can likely follow simple commands.

Pre-visit Questionnaire

Before your visit, you will receive a link to the following questionnaires 

PEDS-DM: This questionnaire is a standardized developmental screening that you will receive at all your little one’s well visits from ages 5 weeks to 5 years.

At this visit you should expect your child to

  • Have their weight, length, and head circumference measured
  • Have a complete physical exam

What vaccines or screening tests should I expect at this visit

At this visit your little one will get their first Hepatitis A vaccine and their first Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine.

Vaccine Reactions

Most babies do well after vaccinations. You may notice that your little one is having looser or greener stools for up to a week. There is no intervention needed. 

 A small percentage may develop fevers, fussiness or redness/swelling at the injection site. For redness or swelling, you can apply cool compresses to the area for soothing. For fussiness or fever (temperature above 100.4 F) you can give your little one some acetaminophen. All dosing in pediatrics is weight based. You can find the dosing chart here.

Vaccine reactions can last up to 72 hours after vaccination. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

When is my little one’s next visit?

The next visit is in 3 months when your little one is 18 months old.

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