5 Week Visit

November 02,2022

At Peninsula Pediatrics, we don’t just help your children when they’re sick; we help them, and your whole family, stay well all the time.

At this point you are likely starting to get to know your baby a little better. They may have started making eye contact with you and are spending more time awake than before.

Pre-visit Questionnaire

Before your visit, you will receive a link to the following questionnaires 

Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Screen:  At Peninsula Pediatrics, we care deeply about the health of your entire family unit. Ten to twenty percent of women experience postpartum depression or anxiety in the postpartum period. This can be hard to talk about. By screening all our patients, we are trying to eliminate any stigma and provide you with the opportunity to discuss your feelings in a nonjudgmental setting. ALL Peninsula Parents receive this questionnaire at the 5 week, 2,4, and 6 month visits. To learn more about postpartum depression/anxiety click here. 

PEDS-DM: This questionnaire is a standardized developmental screening that you will receive at all your little one’s well visits from ages 5 weeks to 5 years.

At this visit you should expect your child to

  • Have their weight, length, and head circumference measured
  • Have a complete physical exam


At this visit your little one will receive the second Hepatitis B vaccine.

Safety and parenting tips

  • Always put your baby to sleep on their back. The ideal sleep temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to avoid over-bundling/overheating your baby. 
  • At this age, infants can start to cry more than they previously were. You may find that your little one seems to cry around the same time every day. It is important to remember that you can’t “spoil” a baby this age. Your little one is still dependent on you to help them soothe. The Purple Period website is a helpful resource during this time period. 
  • Babies need time on their tummies to work on developing head, neck and chest control. You should try to get 15-20 minutes a day of “tummy time.” It is unlikely that your little one can do that all at once. Try breaking it up into smaller 2-5 minute spurts throughout the day. 
  • You should continue to feed your baby on-demand (when they seem hungry.) Most babies this age feed 7-10 times a day. Your baby may start to do a longer stretch of sleep at night and there is no reason to wake them to feed unless instructed to by one of our doctors. 
  • Never leave your little one unattended on a high space such as a changing table or bed

When is my little one’s next visit?

Your little one’s next well visit is when they are 2 months of age.

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