9 Month Visit

November 02,2022

At Peninsula Pediatrics, we don’t just help your children when they’re sick; we help them, and your whole family, stay well all the time.

Your 9 month old is on the move! You will probably find it hard to believe your once tiny newborn is now able to roll, sit when placed and may even be crawling or pulling to stand! They are likely saying consonant sounds and will recognize their name when called. At this age, separation nervousness and stranger nervousness are common and to be expected. This means that your little one understands the concept that one someone leaves they still exist. You may notice that when you partially cover up a favorite toy your little one will start to look for it. This is all part of the same developmental milestone referred to as object permanence.

Pre-visit Questionnaire

Before your visit, you will receive a link to the following questionnaires 

PEDS-DM: This questionnaire is a standardized developmental screening that you will receive at all your little one’s well visits from ages 5 weeks to 5 years.

At this visit you should expect your child to

  • Have their weight, length, and head circumference measured
  • Have a complete physical exam
  • Have a finger prick to check for anemia and lead levels

What vaccines or screening tests should I expect at this visit

The third and final Hepatitis B vaccine is given at this visit.

Vaccine Reactions

The Hepatitis B vaccine is well tolerated and does not typically have any reactions.

Safety and parenting tips

  • As babies start to get on the move they love to explore and put things in their mouths. Never leave small objects, choking foods, electrical wires or balloons near your baby.
  • At this age most babies are sleeping through the night and are napping twice a day.
  • You will notice that your little one’s way of exploring and interacting with the world is starting to change. It is transitioning from exploring with their eyes and putting things in their mouths to noticing cause and effect, imitating others, and understanding that objects exist even if they can’t be seen. Some suggestions for ways to play with your baby include: rolling a ball back and forth, peek-a-boo, and singing songs with clapping and hand motions. Most importantly, have fun!
  • Encourage your little one to explore finger foods.

When is my little one’s next visit?

The next visit is in 3 months when your little one is 12 months old.

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